Companies have a risk of being hacked  by malicious users. They then can damage the brands name by posting content that might be deemed controversial or is confidential information. It also shows customers that the company is not secure enough which might deter people.

Social media allows companies to interact with customers but it also provides a platform for those dissatisfied with the product. Although it can be viewed as constructive criticism, the company needs to make sure to address them before the complaints get too large that when the customer sees the brand all they view is negative comments which will would build the idea that the product is not of quality.

There is always a chance for companies to post content  that they deem fine but the public think otherwise. It can produce a lot of negative publicity which could lead to critical damage to the brands name.

The employees of the company are also a risk. If the employee is not responsible and garners negative attention, the hate is also directed to the company. This would pressure them to fire the employee. This is why all employees should have some kind of social media training.

If the company is not responsive on social media it could be a risk. If a tragic event were to occur and all the other companies in the same field responded and your company didn’t it would look bad.


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